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Novelties in Additive Manufacturing & 3D Medicine
- 3D Printing 2017


3D Printing 2017 is got successfully held in Las Vegas, USA on October 05-06, 2017 at Hampton Inn Tropicana. It was good conference with provoking speakers from all over the world with amazing presentations suits the theme: “          Novelties in Additive Manufacturing & 3D Medicine” along with industrial exhibitions!



Prof. James B Hoying

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, USA


Prof. Gean Vitor Salmoria

Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil



3D printing Innovations and Technical Applications

Engineered materials for 3D printing

Medical printing Applications and Challenges

3D imaging and visualization

3D printers’ development and Marketing Strategies


Session Chair: Toshihiro Mashiko; Jichi Medical University, Japan

Moderator: Shweta Thapa; Rutgers School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, USA


3D Printing Annual Congress and Expo | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | October 5-6, 2017 | 3D Printing | bio-Printing | Medical Printing | Medical applications | aerospace applications | architectural applications | Defense applications | Automobile applications | Clinical | Dental | Orthopedic | 3D printing in Reconstructive Surgery | Business | Material Engineering | bio Materials | Smart Materials | 3D Software | 3D Imaging | Visualization | Marketing Strategies

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is the processes used to synthesize a 3D object under computer control with successive material layers. 3D printing witnessing a huge potential market with new business modules, by establishing its own prominent position in Medical (Clinical, Dental, Orthopedic and many), Architecture, Engineered 3D Printing (Aerospace,Automobile, Bio-material, Material and many) etc.

3D printing 2017 created a platform for 3D printers, researchers, bio printers, Surgeons, Material Engineers, 3D printing Industries & who all are the part of 3D printing, to pool the knowledge on current trends, innovations and methodology in 3D printing. It came up with a theme “Novelties in Additive Manufacturing & Bio-printing”.

3D Printing 2017 Sessions

3D printing Innovations

The tendencies and improvements of the system and the substances, because the emergence of 3D printing for prototyping, saw the strategies being taken up for programs similarly down the product improvement technique chain. published human organs – are near hand now. We sincerely have to come up with an green manner to “comfy” the organic base of the printed device. the aerospace zone turned into an early adopter of 3D printing technology of their earliest forms for product improvement and prototyping. Many automobile companies — especially at the slicing fringe of motor sport and F1 — have observed a comparable trajectory to the aerospace corporations. For the jewelry area, 3D printing has proved to be especially disruptive. Architectural models have long been a staple utility of 3D printing techniques, for generating correct demonstration fashions of an architect’s imaginative and prescient

Medical printing

3D bioprinting is the process of making cell patterns in limited Space using 3D printing technologies. 3D bioprinting utilizes the layer-by-layer method to create tissue like structures which get utilized in medical and tissue engineering fields.  By the use of 3D printing we can produce exoskeletons, windpipes, jaw bone, bones, ears, blood vessels, vascular networks, tissues, eye-glasses, cell cultures, stem cells and organs. Currently, bioprinting can be used to print tissues and organs to help research of Drug discovery. In addition, it has begun the printing of scaffolds. These scaffolds can be used to regenerate joints and ligaments.

Engineered materials

The substances available for 3D printing have come a long since the early days of the technology.  Today there are vast number of materials came to existence as per the requirement which will be supplied in distinct states ex: powder, filament, pellets, granules, resin etc. precise materials are now typically evolved for precise structures performing dedicated programs (an example will be the dental region) with material properties that greater exactly suit the application.

3D Imaging and Visualization

self-assembly lab’ working on 4D operations, using the ability of the machine to create items transferring to similarly capacity, via to bio-mimic features of the composites, to transform or self-bring together with other gadgets through time, as a feature of ambient heat, light, humidity stage, vibrations or maybe sounds.

3D printers’ development and Marketing Strategies

The 3D printing marketplace is expected to reach USD 30.19 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 28.5% between 2016 and 2022. The market has been segmented on the basis of printer, fabric type, cloth shape, technique, generation, software program, service, software, vertical, and geography. commercial 3D printers are predicted to account for the biggest proportion of the 3D printing marketplace in the course of the forecast duration because of the boom in accuracy consistent with inch of element dimension, quicker printing velocity, and advent of latest materials.

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3D Printing Business & Market

3D printing Market Analysis

Additive Manufacturing (3DP) has received much attention inthe press over recent years. Hyped as the technology to bring about a 3rdindustrial revolution, Additive Manufacturing (3DP) technology was invented inearly 80s. They remained a niche technology until the expiration of a keypatent in 2009 allowed many start-ups to emerge offering cheap consumer-level3D printers. A media frenzy in 2012 thrust Additive Manufacturing (3DP) intothe limelight and 2016 has seen Hewlett Packard and General Electric enter theAdditive Manufacturing (3DP) space. Even after the media hype some marketsectors are still reporting huge growth rates.

3D Printing encompasses a range of various printingprocesses. The processes ar all primarily additive in nature, as materials aredeposited solely wherever required, and therefore leads to considerably lessmaterials wastage than ancient producing techniques. every of the technologiesis appropriate to be used with a unique vary of materials, that successivelydefines the appropriate applications of the printer.

According to Wohlers Report 2014, the worldwide AdditiveManufacturing (3DP) industry is now expected to grow from $3.07B in revenue in2013 to $12.8B by 2018, and exceed $21B in worldwide revenue by 2020.

Prototyping(24.5%), product development (16.1%) and innovation (11.1%) are the three mostcommon reasons companies are pursuing 3D printing. Of those surveyed in a recent Gartner study,37% had just one 3D printer within their organizations, with 18% owning 10 ormore. The average number of printers per organization was 5.4.


Hampton Inn Tropicana
4975 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas
NV 89118, USA

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